apache_status - Munin multigraph plugin to monitor Apache statistics.


This plugin will produce multiple graphs showing:

 - the number of accesses to Apache servers;
 - the number of apache processes running on the machine;
 - the volume of data sent from Apache servers.


Apache HTTP servers with /server-status enabled.


The plugin needs access to http://localhost/server-status?auto (or modify the URL for another host). See your Apache documentation on how to set up this URL in your httpd.conf. Apache needs ExtendedStatus enabled for this plugin to work.

Tip: To see if it's already set up correctly, just run this plugin with the parameter "autoconf". If you get a "yes", everything should work like a charm already.

This configuration section shows the defaults of the plugin:

     env.ports 80

The %d in the url will be replaced with the port. The default port is 80 as shown.

The port list is a space separated list of ports. NOTE that one single Apache can have several open ports, and the plugin needs only to contact one to get the servers global status. The list of ports is only needed if you have several different Apaches configured on your host.

If you need authenticated access to the URL you can specify the username and password in the URL. For example:

     env.url http://munin:spamalot@localhost/server-status?auto

This will provide for HTTP basic authentication.



The graph shows the number of accesses (pages and other items served) globally on the Apache server.


The graph shows the number of Apache processes running on the machine, and in addition separate "busy" and "idle" servers count.

If there is a flat ceiling effect on the graph where the number of servers does not increase any more, in spite of no idle servers, then the server has probably reached its MaxClients setting. In this case it's very likely that some clients are getting connection refused or some other problem when connecting to your server. In this case increase the MaxClients setting. Unless there is also no more free memory.


The graph shows the Apache HTTP servers global data volume in bytes. I.e. how many bytes the server has served.

If there is a flat ceiling effect on the graph you may have reached some kind of bandwidth limit on your outgoing connection.


  #%# family=auto
  #%# capabilities=autoconf


Does not support digest authentication.


Rewritten by Diego Elio Pettenò <> based upon original apache_accesses, apache_processes and apache_volume plugins of unknown origin.




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