Plugin Gallery

Welcome to the Munin Plugin Gallery

This is the place where you can browse description and graph images for our Munin Plugins.

The gallery has two showrooms. One called Core Collection for the plugins that we deliver with the distribution of Munin-Node and one called 3rd-Party Collection for the plugins from the wild, that were uploaded to our Contrib-Repository.

Start browsing the plugin collection with a click on the categories in left side menu.

Increase usability in 3rd-Party Collection

Our build script for this gallery collection said today (2018-03-27):

	142 plugins without category were assigned to category 'other'
	341 times created perldoc pages with content
	758 times no perldoc content found
	68 example graph images illustrate the plugin pages

It is great (!) to have so many plugins, graph images and pages already, but it will need a lot of work to fill missing pages and upload images for useful plugins, that are not well presented in the gallery at the time. We will be happy if you help by adding info in perldoc format and representative example graph images to the contrib repo. The more descriptive content is there, the more helpful the Plugin Gallery will be ~

Have a look at our instructions in the Munin Wiki

To get a clear and user-friendly overview in the plugin gallery (and on Munin WebGUI), we work on reducing the number of categories. Have a look at our list of well-known-categories, and choose an appropriate category to present your plugin in the gallery.

Users can always change the category to adapt their personal view by changing the plugins sourcecode before distributing it on their servers or by configuration setting on the Munin masters side (munin.conf).

Our well-known-category list is a proposal and can be discussed on our user mailing list.