bandwidth_ - Wildcard-plugin to monitor total network traffic and predict 30 day bandwidth usage


This is a wildcard plugin. To monitor an interface, link bandwidth_<interface> to this file. E.g.

        ln -s /usr/share/munin/node/plugins-auto/bandwidth_ \

...will monitor eth0

Most likely usage is to monitor an interface connected to your ISP.

The suggest option will try and determine if you have any interfaces with a public IP and if so it will suggest monitoring those interfaces. If all IP addresses are private the setup will have to be done manually. Suggest does not handle IPv6 addresses.

Environment Variables:

* monthlycap => monthly cap to draw warnings at in bytes * uploadonly => if set display (and count against warnings) only upload bytes


Any device found in /proc/net/dev can be monitored. Examples include ipsec*, eth*, irda* and lo.

Please note that aliases cannot be monitored with this plugin.


$Id: bandwidth_,v 1.37 2012/01/23 20:04:33 root Exp $


Sean Whitney




 #%# family=contrib
 #%# capabilities=autoconf suggest


I know that bandwidth is bits and base10 as opposed to bytes and base2. However the purpose of this plugin it to monitor your monthly bandwidth consumption to make sure you don't go over your ISP's peak. ISP's seem to be interested in expressing peaks in bytes....