openvzcpu - Munin plugin to monitor the amount of CPU used by each OpenVZ container running on this machine.


Draws a stacked graph showing system/user/nice CPU usage for each container running on a OpenVZ hardware node. Must be run from outside of any container in order to gain access to the values generated by the OpenVZ kernel code in /proc/vz/vestat


The following perl libraries are used:

Graphics::ColorNames Graphics::ColorObject

... on Debian based systems (i.e. Ubuntu etc.) you may just:

    aptitude install libcolor-calc-perl libgraphics-colorobject-perl

Must be run as root in order to read /proc/vz/vestat

Place the following in a file such as /etc/munin/plugin-conf.d/openvzcpu and then restart munin-node.

    user root


The following may be added to the file above, in order to enable the graphing of idle and iowait times:

    env.drawidle 1

For kernels which have other than 100 jiffies per second (sic) n.b. this is unlikely to be necessary - you may add the following to the plugin-specific configuration:

    env.HZ 1000

If you have a high number of containers running on the machine, you may be able to gain extra clarity by asking munin to create a "taller" graph by adding the following to /etc/munin.conf, or in a file under /etc/munin/munin-conf.d/ if you are using Munin v1.4 or above:

    openvzcpu.graph_height 700



. Add Munin 1.4 multigraph support

. Sort graphing order so that the smallest container is rendered at the bottom of the graph.

. Make the colour list into a configuration item.

. Fix graphing of non-container CPU usage.


  0.6 Initial Public Release


Tim Small <>

Copyright 2010 South East Open Source Solutions Ltd.

The creation of this plugin was funded by Latitude Hosting

Patches welcome.




  #%# family=auto
  #%# capabilities=autoconf