Wordpress-Multisite Munin Plugin

A Munin plugin to monitor posts, comments and pingbacks from every multisite instance. It uses multigraphs and also shows the combined number of posts, comments, pingbacks, instances and users.

Most database queries came from the wordpress-mu-plugin which was written by Andre Darafarin and Chris Bair


The plugin need access to the wordpress database

Config file

Create the config file plugin-conf.d/wordpress with the following values:

  env.mysqlopts         # I.e. -uroot -prootpass
  env.mysqlconnection   # Defaults to -hlocalhost
  env.database          # I.e. wordpress
  env.dbprefix          # Defaults to wp_
  env.networksize       # Blogs are ordered by id in multigraph view. This value should contain the numbers
                        # of digits that are needed to fit all the blog id's in. This value influences the
                        # designation of data to munin and it will start collecting fresh data if you change
                        # this number. Defaults to 2, (so networks with <= 99 blogs will be sorted correctly)


Version 0.4 (2017-01-13)


Jonas Palm <jonaspalm . posteo . de>


GPLv3 or higher