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munin_update - Munin plugin to graph the time to query about each host from the nodes.


Munin master servers.


Normaly needs no configuration. You may configure it with the following parameter:

      env.UPDATE_STATSFILE .../munin-update.stats
      env.MUNIN_UPDATE_LOCACTION .../munin-update

The first is the statistics file for munin update.

The exact location of this file is package/site specific, but munin_update will know where it is unless you have made changes.


The script reads the munin-update "stats" file to determine how long it takes to query the nodes about each host configured in Munin.

Munin is run from cron every 5 minutes and before the next run of munin-update the previous run needs to be done. Each run of munin-update forks one process pr. host that needs to get data collected, so all collection runs in paralell.

Any host that is slow, for example slower than 4 miniutes, causes a risk that the next run of munin-update must be cancled due to the lateness of the previous run. In such cases there will be single line gaps in the "by day" graph.

Keep your hosts updating quickly and all will be well.


  #%# family=manual
  #%# capabilities=autoconf


Munin-update is always run at the same time as this plugin runs - therefore the stats file may be incompletely written and the plugin will likely show a incomplete list of hosts. It should be using munin-update.old-stats, which is not currently even made.

Munin-update removes the "domain" information on all hosts. If there are two hosts with the same host name in different domains then one of them will be disappeared by the munin-update collection process.


The munin_update plugin has been included in munin for many years (at least 2004). The most likely author is one of the original munin team.

Documentation and updating to 2009 for Munin 1.4 by Nicolai Langfeldt.

(C) 2004-2009 The Munin Team, Redpill Linpro AS