mysql_innodb - Plugin to monitor free space in a pre-allocated innodb tablespace


Munin plugin to monitor free space in the InnoDB tablespace of MySQL. Mostly useful if you use InnoDB on a block device, or if you have created files for InnoDB storage, and do not want to autoextend the last file.

If you have set innodb_file_per_table, you do not need to worry about free tablespace, and you should use the "df" plugin instead.


This plugin should be run as a user with a username and password stored in ~/.my.cnf, or with --defaults-extra-file pointing to such a file.

To increase security, the plugin can use its own schema with a simple, empty table using the InnoDB engine. To create an empty schema within the default INNODB tablespace, do the following:

  mysql> CREATE SCHEMA munin_innodb;
  mysql> USE munin_innodb
  mysql> CREATE TABLE something (anything int) ENGINE=InnoDB;
  mysql> GRANT SELECT ON munin_innodb.* TO 'munin'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'munin';


Configuration parameters for @@CONFDIR@@/mysql_innodb, if you need to override the defaults below:

  env.mysql     - Path to the mysql binary
  env.mysqlopts - Options to pass to mysql (host, username, password)
  env.warning   - Generate a warning if free space goes below this level
  env.critical  - Generate a critical if free space goes below this level


  env.mysql /usr/bin/mysql
  env.mysqlopts --user=munin --password=munin --host=localhost
  env.warning 2147483648
  env.critical 1073741824


Stig Sandbeck Mathisen <>


GNU General Public License, version 2 or any later version


 #%# family=manual
 #%# capabilities=autoconf