snmp__if_err_ - SNMP wildcard plugin to monitor errors on network interfaces of any networked equipment.


Any SNMP capable networked computer equipment. Using a command such as "munin-node-configure --snmp --snmpversion 2c --snmpcommunity public | sh -x" should auto-detect all applicable interfaces. On a typical switch you will get one plugin pr. ethernet port. On a router you might get one plugin pr. VLAN interface.


As a rule SNMP plugins need site specific configuration. The default configuration (shown here) will only work on insecure sites/devices:

   env.version 2 public

In general SNMP is not very secure at all unless you use SNMP version 3 which supports authentication and privacy (encryption). But in any case the community string for your devices should not be "public".

Please see 'perldoc Munin::Plugin::SNMP' for further configuration information.

Specific interface names (labels) are determined via the SNMP OID for aliases (*). These can be overridden via the "alias" environment variable:

   env.alias WAN

The symlink name of the plugin determines the host and the switch port. The switch port may be a number or the interface name (e.g. "ethN.VID@ethN"). This is primarily useful on devices where the interface number is not guaranteed to be consistent, such as is the case with some Linux based systems.


The graph shows a stright forward gauge of errors per second. This graph sums all different kinds of interface errors.


The pluguin requires the IF-MIB, the standard IETF MIB for network interfaces. It sums these OIDs: IF-MIB::ifInDiscards, IF-MIB::ifInErrors, IF-MIB::ifInUnknownProtos, IF-MIB::ifOutDiscards and IF-MIB::ifOutErrors.


  #%# family=snmpauto
  #%# capabilities=snmpconf


None known.

Earlier versions of this plugin only reported the ifInErrors and ifOutErrors numbers. This does not encompas all errors on a interface therefore the change.


Copyright (C) 2004-2009. Original authors Jimmy Olsen, Dagfinn Ilmari Mannsaaker. Porting to Munin::Plugin::SNMP, documentation, grooming and updates by Nicolai Langfeldt