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Sadly there is no documentation for this plugin.

# Script by Simon Avery ( / ) to query munin.conf and collate various types of graphs on the same page from different machines.
# Eg - show all the load daily graphs for all your machines on one page. Review ALL your machines' disk space, memory, cpu, loads for the past day, week, month or year - one click!
# Reason: Makes it easier (for me!) to review a lot of machines (I have 28) for unusual patterns.
# Options - supply on the url:
# period=day / week  (default: day)
# type = df / whatever (default:df) - which reporting type to use.
# scale=pixel (How many pixels wide to scale the graphs, override default with $cellwidth below
# Installation:
# 1. Copy this script to a webfolder of your choice, ensuring CGI is allowed there.
# 2. Edit the four variables below to suit your configuration.
# 3. Visit the script in your web browser.
# History:
# v.1 - 30 August, 2010: Initial release.

my $htmldir = '/internal/munin';		# What's the web address for munin's html dir? (Hint - where you normally go to see munin's overview)
my $cfgfile = '/etc/munin/munin.conf';	# Where's the config file - must be readable
my $numwide=5;		# How many graphs to go wide per row?
my $default_cellwidth=350;	# How many pixels wide for the graphs? (Default)

use CGI qw/:standard/;
my $q = CGI->new;
print $q->header() , $q->start_html('Morenin - Multiple server graphing tool');

my $type = param("type") || 'df';		# Default type
my $period = param("period") || 'day';	# Default period
my $cellwidth = param("scale") || $default_cellwidth;  # Default image scale

my @list; # list of names
my $imgdir; # find from munin's conf

open(CFG,"<$cfgfile") or die("Can't open munin config file: $cfgfile - $!\n");
while(<CFG>) {
	my $tidy = trim($_);
	if ($tidy =~ /htmldir/i) { # Guess where the images are, so I can test whether to try and display them or not.
		$tidy =~ s/\t/ /g;
		($junk,$imgdir) = split(/ /,$tidy);
	# search for identifier, Not very elegant, doesn't account for horribly done config files.
	if ($tidy =~ m/^\[(.*)\]/)  {
sort(@list); # Sort it alpha-numerically

print "Morenin - graphing ".scalar(@list)." <a href=\"$htmldir\">Munin</a> graphs for type $type, period <b>$period</b>:\n";
# Some default links - add more here if you want 'em
print qq~
	<a href="?type=$type&period=day">Daily</a> ::
	<a href="?type=$type&period=week">Weekly</a> ::
	<a href="?type=$type&period=month">Monthly</a> ::
	<a href="?type=$type&period=year">Yearly</a> ...::...

	<a href="?period=$period&type=load">Load</a> ::
	<a href="?period=$period&type=cpu">CPU</a> ::
	<a href="?period=$period&type=df">DiskUse</a> ::
	<a href="?period=$period&type=memory">Memory</a> ::
	<a href="?period=$period&type=mysql_queries">MySql</a>

if (! defined $htmldir) { print "<br>Error: Can't find htmldir from config, this isn't going to work..."; }

# Now output the frames and links
my $widcnt=1; # Temp counter
print "<hr><table border=\"1\"><tr>\n";

foreach $i (@list[1..$#list])  # Step through each entry
	next if (! -e "$imgdir/$i/$i-$type-$period.png"); 	# First check an image is there and not a null entry;

	print "<td valign=\"top\">$i<br>";
	print "<a href=\"$htmldir/$i/$i-$type.html\" title=\"Click to visit server's $type page\">\n";
	print "<img src=\"$htmldir/$i/$i-$type-$period.png\" alt=\"$i-$type-$period.png\" width=\"$cellwidth\">";
	print "</a>\n";
	print "</td>\n";

	if ($widcnt++ >= $numwide) { print "</tr><tr>\n"; 	 $widcnt=1;	} # wrap the cells

print "</tr></table>\n";


sub trim($)
	my $string = shift;
	$string =~ s/^\s+//;
	$string =~ s/\s+$//;
	return $string;