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Sadly there is no documentation for this plugin.

#!/usr/bin/env python
"""Thomas R. N. Jansson (

# The SNMP traps for the NetApp filer can be found in
# /net/netappfiler/vol0/etc/mib/traps.dat if the filer is
# NFS automounted mounted on server.
# Example: the SNMP id for cpuBusyTimePerCent is
# snmp.
# and retrieval of this value is done by
# snmpget -v 1 -c public netappfiler
# Requires snmpget and assumes public community.

import commands
import sys

# Provided a servername and a snmpid it returns the value stripped of bogus information.
def snmpget(iservername,isnmpid):
    runcmd = 'snmpget -v 1 -c public ' + iservername + ' ' + isnmpid
    output = commands.getoutput(runcmd)
    return output.split()[3]

# The interface number corresponds to vif1 on the tested netapp
servername          = sys.argv[0].split('_')[1]
cifsConnectedUsers  = ''
cifsNSessions       = ''
cifsNOpenFiles      = ''

# Using config
if len(sys.argv) == 2 and sys.argv[1]  == "config":
    print 'graph_title CIFS usage on '+servername
    print 'graph_args --base 1000 -l 0'
    print 'graph_vlabel number'
    print 'graph_category fs'
    print 'graph_info This graph shows CIFS usage on '+servername

    print 'cifsConnectedUsers.label ConnectedUsers'
    print ' The current number of CIFS users on the filer'

    print 'cifsNSessions.label NumberOfSessions'
    print ' The current number of active CIFS session on the filer'

    print 'cifsNOpenFiles.label NumberOfOpenfiles'
    print ' The number of open CIFS files and directories on the filer'

# Gathers info from the servers and gathers data
print 'cifsConnectedUsers.value '+snmpget(servername,cifsConnectedUsers)
print 'cifsNSessions.value '+snmpget(servername,cifsNSessions)
print 'cifsNOpenFiles.value '+snmpget(servername,cifsNOpenFiles)