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Sadly there is no documentation for this plugin.

# ZFS ARC statistics for FreeBSD
# Author
#%# family=auto
#%# capabilities=autoconf

ostype=`uname -s`

case $1 in
    cat <<EOF
graph_title ZFS ARC efficiency
graph_vlabel %
graph_scale no
graph_category fs
graph_args -l 0
graph_info FreeBSD ZFS ARC Utilisation - Counters
graph_period minute
graph_order hits misses l2_hits l2_misses mfu_hits mru_hits arc_access_total mfu_hits_perc mru_hits_perc arc_misses_perc l2_efficency_tot
deleted.graph no
deleted.min 0
deleted.type DERIVE
deleted.label Deleted?
demand_data_hits.graph no
demand_data_hits.min 0
demand_data_hits.type DERIVE
demand_data_hits.label Cache hits - demand data
demand_data_misses.graph no
demand_data_misses.min 0
demand_data_misses.type DERIVE
demand_data_misses.label Cache miss - demand data
demand_metadata_hits.graph no
demand_metadata_hits.min 0
demand_metadata_hits.type DERIVE
demand_metadata_hits.label Cache hits - metadata
demand_metadata_misses.graph no
demand_metadata_misses.min 0
demand_metadata_misses.type DERIVE
demand_metadata_misses.label Cache miss - metadata
evict_skip.graph no
evict_skip.min 0
evict_skip.type DERIVE
evict_skip.label evict_skip?
hash_chain_max.graph no
hash_chain_max.min 0
hash_chain_max.type DERIVE
hash_chain_max.label hash_chain_max?
hash_chains.graph no
hash_chains.min 0
hash_chains.type DERIVE
hash_chains.label hash_chains?
hash_collisions.graph no
hash_collisions.min 0
hash_collisions.type DERIVE
hash_collisions.label hash_collisions?
hash_elements.graph no
hash_elements.min 0
hash_elements.type DERIVE
hash_elements.label hash_elements
hash_elements_max.graph no
hash_elements_max.min 0
hash_elements_max.type DERIVE
hash_elements_max.label hash_elements_max?
hits.graph no
hits.min 0
hits.type DERIVE
hits.label Cache hits
l2_abort_lowmem.graph no
l2_abort_lowmem.min 0
l2_abort_lowmem.type GAUGE
l2_cksum_bad.graph no
l2_cksum_bad.min 0
l2_cksum_bad.type DERIVE
l2_cksum_bad.label ARCL2 Bad checksum errors
l2_evict_lock_retry.graph no
l2_evict_lock_retry.min 0
l2_evict_lock_retry.type DERIVE
l2_evict_reading.graph no
l2_evict_reading.min 0
l2_evict_reading.type DERIVE
l2_feeds.graph no
l2_feeds.min 0
l2_feeds.type DERIVE
l2_free_on_write.graph no
l2_free_on_write.min 0
l2_free_on_write.type DERIVE
l2_hits.graph no
l2_hits.min 0
l2_hits.type DERIVE
l2_hits.label L2ARC hits
l2_io_error.graph no
l2_io_error.min 0
l2_io_error.type DERIVE
l2_io_error.label L2AC I/O errors
l2_misses.graph no
l2_misses.min 0
l2_misses.type DERIVE
l2_misses.label L2ARC cache misses
l2_rw_clash.graph no
l2_rw_clash.min 0
l2_rw_clash.type DERIVE
l2_writes_done.graph no
l2_writes_done.min 0
l2_writes_done.type DERIVE
l2_writes_error.graph no
l2_writes_error.min 0
l2_writes_error.type DERIVE
l2_writes_hdr_miss.graph no
l2_writes_hdr_miss.min 0
l2_writes_hdr_miss.type DERIVE
l2_writes_hdr_miss.label L2ARC Header misses
l2_writes_sent.graph no
l2_writes_sent.min 0
l2_writes_sent.type DERIVE
l2_writes_sent.label L2ARC writes sent
memory_throttle_count.graph no
memory_throttle_count.min 0
memory_throttle_count.label memory_throttle_count?
mfu_ghost_hits.graph no
mfu_ghost_hits.min 0
mfu_ghost_hits.type DERIVE
mfu_ghost_hits.label Most frequently used ghost hits
mfu_hits.graph no
mfu_hits.min 0
mfu_hits.type DERIVE
mfu_hits.label Most frequently used hits
misses.graph no
misses.min 0
misses.type DERIVE
misses.label Cache misses
mru_ghost_hits.graph no
mru_ghost_hits.min 0
mru_ghost_hits.type DERIVE
mru_ghost_hits.label Most recently used ghost hits
mru_hits.graph no
mru_hits.min 0
mru_hits.type DERIVE
mru_hits.label Most recently used hits
mutex_miss.graph no
mutex_miss.min 0
mutex_miss.type DERIVE
prefetch_data_hits.graph no
prefetch_data_hits.min 0
prefetch_data_hits.type DERIVE
prefetch_data_hits.label Prefetch Data hits
prefetch_data_misses.graph no
prefetch_data_misses.min 0
prefetch_data_misses.type DERIVE
prefetch_data_misses.label Prefetch data misses
prefetch_metadata_hits.graph no
prefetch_metadata_hits.min 0
prefetch_metadata_hits.type DERIVE
prefetch_metadata_hits.label Prefetch metadata hits
prefetch_metadata_misses.graph no
prefetch_metadata_misses.min 0
prefetch_metadata_misses.type DERIVE
prefetch_metadata_misses.label Prefetch metadata misses
recycle_miss.graph no
recycle_miss.min 0
recycle_miss.type DERIVE
recycle_miss.label Recycle misses
arc_access_total.graph no
arc_access_total.cdef hits,misses,ADDNAN
arc_access_total.label ARC access total number
arc_hits_perc.cdef hits,100,*,arc_access_total,/
arc_hits_perc.label ARC hits
arc_hits_perc.graph no
real_hits.cdef mfu_hits,mru_hits,ADDNAN,100,*,hits,/
real_hits.label ARC real (MRU + MFU) hits (no ghost & anon)
real_hits.graph no
mfu_hits_perc.cdef mfu_hits,100,*,arc_access_total,/
mfu_hits_perc.label Most frequently used hits
mfu_hits_perc.graph yes
mfu_hits_perc.draw AREA
mru_hits_perc.cdef mru_hits,100,*,arc_access_total,/
mru_hits_perc.label Most recently used hits
mru_hits_perc.graph yes
mru_hits_perc.draw STACK
arc_misses_perc.graph yes
arc_misses_perc.cdef misses,100,*,arc_access_total,/
arc_misses_perc.label ARC misses
arc_misses_perc.draw STACK
l2_efficency_tot.graph yes
l2_efficency_tot.cdef l2_hits,100,*,l2_hits,l2_misses,hits,misses,ADDNAN,ADDNAN,ADDNAN,/
l2_efficency_tot.label L2ARC hit ratio of L1&L2 accesses
# demand_data_hits_perc.cdef demand_data_hits,100,*,hits,/
# demand_data_hits_perc.label Cache hits of demand data type
# demand_data_hits_perc.graph no
# demand_metadata_hits_perc.cdef demand_metadata_hits,100,*,hits,/
# demand_metadata_hits_perc.label Cache hits of Demand metadata type
# demand_metadata_hits_perc.graph no
# prefetch_data_hits_perc.cdef prefetch_data_hits,100,*,hits,/
# prefetch_data_hits_perc.label Prefetch data hits factor of all hits
# prefetch_data_hits_perc.graph no
# prefetch_metadata_hits_perc.cdef prefetch_metadata_hits,100,*,hits,/
# prefetch_metadata_hits_perc.label Prefetch metadata hits factor off hits
# prefetch_metadata_hits_perc.graph no
# demand_data_efficency.cdef demand_data_hits,100,*,demand_data_hits,demand_data_misses,ADDNAN,/
# demand_data_efficency.label Data demand efficiency
# demand_data_efficency.graph no
# anon_hits.graph no
# anon_hits.cdef hits,mfu_hits,mru_hits,mfu_ghost_hits,mru_ghost_hits,ADDNAN,ADDNAN,ADDNAN,-,100,*,hits,/
# anon_hits.label ARC Anon hits
# mfu_ghost_hits_perc.cdef mfu_ghost_hits,100,*,hits,/
# mfu_ghost_hits_perc.label Most frequently used ghost hits
# mfu_ghost_hits_perc.graph no
# mru_ghost_hits_perc.cdef mru_ghost_hits,100,*,hits,/
# mru_ghost_hits_perc.label Most recently used ghost hits
# mru_ghost_hits_perc.graph no
    exit 0
    if [ ! -x ${sysctl} ]; then
        echo "no (${sysctl} is not executable)"
    elif [ "${ostype}" = "FreeBSD" ]; then
        echo "yes"
    elif [ "${ostype}" = "Linux" ]; then
        if [ -f ${procfile} ]; then
            echo "yes"
            echo "no (The statsfile does not exist: ${procfile})"
        echo "no (Your OS is not supported by this plugin)"
    exit 0
    exit 0
case ${ostype} in
        $sysctl kstat.zfs.misc.arcstats | sed -e 's/^kstat.zfs.misc.arcstats.//' -e 's/:/.value/'
        cat ${procfile} | tail -n +3 | sed -e 's/ \+/ /g' | cut -f 1,3 -d ' ' | sed -e 's/ /.value /'